Sandi Fellman is both a highly acclaimed, internationally collected and published fine art photographer, and a distinguished fashion and still life photographer. Her fine art photography is housed in numerous museum collections and important private collections throughout the world (The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, La Bibliothèque Nationale, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Houston Museum of Art).

In 2012, Fellman turned her creative energy to three dimensional work. To quote Creative Director Russ Hardin, “Having spent over 30 years refining her photographic work, she has now turned her discerning eye to ceramics. The result is new work that creates a profound feeling of desire, much like her photographs.” Her first one person ceramic exhibition was in 2015 at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. In 2016, her bowl entitled ”Gold Sky with Thundercloud” received Honorable Mention at the Tokyo-NYC Ceramic Exhibition, at the Nippon Gallery in New York City.

Grace Glueck wrote of Sandi’s photographic exhibition “Sometimes With Shadows” in the New York Times: “Ms. Fellman’s poetic ways with the camera have been evident in earlier series of pictures, and these photographs continue the delicate less-is-more elegance that has characterized her work. Nor has her skill abated in conveying the core of her deceptively simple subject matter.”
This quote articulates the underlying principals of all of Sandi’s work, and certainly holds true for her most recent endeavor, ceramics.